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The innovative VulkaTec construction equipment/vehicles

- Advanced technology for your benefit

The specially developed fleet of VulkaTec construction equipment and vehicles offers a wide range of advantages to the builder and construction engineer.

Equipment type   Advantages

Turbolift "Trio"

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Ideal for use on smaller construction sites where different materials are required at different locations. The "Trio" can transport materials in three separate compartments, for example

  • gravel
  • drainage lava stone
  • planting substrate

all at the same time, thus saving time and costs. Why not conduct your own comparative costing?

To find out more about:

The turbolift system


Truck with vacuum/blower distributor

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For applying loose substrates

  • We can provide large area application to roofs at a pre-agreed price per m².
  • Cuts down the time required to apply gravel and substrates when renovating roof areas.
  • Prices include removal of old volcanic substrates at no extra charge.


Truck with crane 

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  Our crane truck is perfect for building sites where there is insufficient room to use a fork-lift for unloading.


Dumper truck

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  Our dumper trucks can transport your loose materials quickly and cheaply.

Truck with lift platform

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  Ideal for delivering smaller quantities in BigBags on pallets or individual heavy items.

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BigBags are the ideal packing system for materials in smaller quantities. BigBags are available for:

  • 1,0 m³
  • 1,5 m³

capacity. Our BigBags can be emptied through a 30 cm diameter opening in the base.

For customers ordering larger quantities, we can ensure that our BigBags bear your individual logo etc.; we can also supply plastic valve sacks with a capacity of 25 litres for transporting smaller quantities.

We will be happy to fill your own transport containers for you with a capacity of 1 litre and over.


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