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Substrates for tree planting

.... the best support for urban trees

Procedures for tree pits
Our street trees are subject to massive life impeding influences. Therefore the choice of the right tree substrate is all the more important. The volcanic additives of all volcanic Vulkatree products promote due to there open-porous/structurally grain structures, the air and water management of the tree location and ensure growth and permanent growing capacity of a tree.

Vulkatec tree substrates have been successfully used for 25 years in many towns and communities at home and abroad .

The FLL differentiates two ways of procedures of tree pits. Tree pit procedure 1 concerns an open, un-built upon or self-supporting overbuilt tree pit, which is filled with substrate as a mono layer. The FLL recommendations and the DIN 18916 require a size of at least 12m³ per tree pit.

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Use either our Vulkatree 0/16 or Vulkatree 0/32mm










Planting tips:
When planting the tree pit should be fertilized. Additionally by adding super-absorbent mycorrhizal fungi, compost and further nutrients the development of the tree in the growth phase is improved. Watering is via a watering edge
(Diameter = max. bale diameter)

The loss on planting account for with static planting. Planting 20-30Vol % and with dynamic planting 30-40Vol.%.

Product information and data sheet Vulkatree 0/16mm
Product information and data sheet Vulkatree 0/32mm

Tree pit procedure 2 concerns an overbuilt tree pit which is also used as a subsoil for traffic areas. The FLL recommendations and the DIN 18916 require a size of at least 12m³ per tree pit.

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Use either our Vulkatree 0/32 or Vulkatree SL 0/32mm in areas driven on.










Planting tips:
The installation of Vulkatree 0/32mm and Vulkatree SL 0/32mm is to be carried out in layers of about 30-40cm thick layers. Each layer is to be thickened
to ≤95 % DPr in this load capacity of ≥45 MN/m² is to be adhered to. When thickening to ≥100% DPr load capacities of about 85-110MN/ m² are possible.

Product information and data sheet Vulkatree 0/32mm
Product information and data sheet Vulkatree SL 0/32mm

The installation loss amounts to 20-30Vol % with static installation and 30-40Vol. % with dynamic installation.
Planted under clusters of trees:
For the establishing  this Vulkatree plus 0/16mm is ideally suitable. The planting takes place in the open part of the tree trunk. On top of Vulkatree 0/16mm as the case may be 0/32mm. Installation thickness we recommend the 1,5 times bale diameter as the case may bet he height of the pot of the clusters (normally ca. 10-15cm).

Product information and data sheets Vulkatree plus 0/16mm

Your advantages:
- lower costs by clearly improved amount of growth
- lower costs through vigorous plants = less plant care
- optimum eco-balance of the volcanic substrate materials
- structurally stabile / no later settlement
- Own supervision in line with the FLL- recommendations
- Quality assurance through RAL (Vulkatree 0/16mm)

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