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Planting substrates for green roofs

There are many reasons these days to have a green roof.
A green roof is not only attractive, it also offers ecological,
town planning and financial advantages.

You will find everything you need to know here about green roofs
from a one stop shop! As well as the proven plant substrates and
drainage course materials VulkaTec supplies the entire package
you need for a green roof.

• Drainage courses
• Vegetation substrates
• Protection, filter and separating fleece Sedum shoots
• Hardy perennials

Boasting of over 25 years experience, VulkaTec is one of the pioneers
of green roofs. We are the market leader for substrates in Germany and
guarantee top product quality combined with excellent service.

The basic materials of lava and pumice are volcanic raw materials which are
mined in the Eifel. The VulkaTec plant substrates Lavadrän, Vulkamineral,
Vulkaplus extensive und Vulkaplus intensive are RAL-colour certified, because only
an external quality seal offers the customer the necessary security.


The green roofing procedure in detail:

Extensive-mono layer greening

Extensive-multi-layer greening
Intensive greening with substrate thicknesses < 50cm
Intensive greening with substrate thicknesses > 50cm
Lawngreening with Rasen

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