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Natural raw materials

Additives to provide high quality substrates

The basic material lava stone and pumice are of volcanic origin and are obtained from quarries in the Eifel region. They are free of any contaminants and are subject to constant quality control.

While the lava stone was formed some 350,000 years ago, pumice is much younger. The most recent volcanic eruption, during which the whole of the Neuwieder basin was covered with pumice, occurred only 12,000 years ago.

Environmentally friendly
The techniques used for the recovery of these raw materials are environmentally friendly, as the subsequent restoration of the natural landscape is a necessary prerequisite of the mining activities and is planned into the process. The natural materials lava stone and pumice are miles ahead in terms of environmental awareness, as their pore volume is not achieved by means of the use of artificial, energy-consuming procedures, but has been produced by nature for nothing.

For the long haul shipment of these materials, waterway transport is being used in preference to road transport, so that road vehicles are now only required to cover shorter distances. This compares very favourably with many secondary raw materials that may need to be transported for hundreds of miles along motorways before they reach their destination

Certified quality
Of course, Vulkatec ensures that all its raw materials of volcanic origin are tested in accordance with RAL quality guidelines. Only external certification of our products can provide the necessary assurance of quality for our customers.

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