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Natural, multipurpose, clean

If you think that lava stone is nothing more than a porous by-product of volcanic eruptions, then you are unaware of the various potential advantages and applications of this material.



Vulkastone, for example, is now used in state of the art kitchen and grill equipment. The basic principle is quite simple.

After being heated by electric elements or flame, Vulkastone radiates a constant heat that provides for even cooking of whatever foodstuff it is used to grill. The food does not dry out and has the characteristic flavour that only grilling can provide.

Vulkastone has two unique advantages:

  • It provides for an even cooking temperature over the whole area of the grilled foodstuff 
  • No potentially health-threatening gases are formed, as juices dripping from the foodstuffs do not fall into flames or heating elements. Vulkastone simply absorbs any fats and juices that fall onto it.

Your Vulkastone should be replaced once it has been used repeatedly and a layer of fat has built up on it! Only approximately 85% of the grill surface should be covered with stone to ensure that there is no thermal damming effect and your grill is soon ready for use.

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