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A short guide to green roofs

What is a green roof?

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A green roof is like a "green lung" in the middle of the urban landscape. It not only provides a habitat for plants and small animals, but also a breath of fresh air for those house owners and commercial companies who know the value of nature.

As green fields are increasingly lost to the property developer, particularly around high-density housing urban areas, a green roof infrastructure comes to represent an ever more important aspect. Green roofs have become an integral part of any contemporary community-planning scheme, and not only during the construction phase. Even years after the completion of a building - for example, during renovation or conversion work - the construction of a green roof is being undertaken more and more frequently in both the private and commercial spheres.

The measure is no longer seen as an indulgent luxury used to "prettify" an urbanised landscape. The "little bit of nature on the roof" is now considered to represent a significant contribution towards a solution to the problems facing the environment while serving important functional and design aspects in our current living and working environments. However, the financial aspects associated with having a green roof should not be ignored.

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