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Drainage course

Lavadrän 2/8mm, 2/16mm und 8/16mm

Flat roofs with tiny or missing slopes and especially those with drainage of waters are dependent on a reliable and at the same time way of carrying away water. Lavadrän fulfils this requirement in an ideal way.
With a grain size of 8/16mm there is a drainage capability porous volume of > 40 Vol % available.

As an extra usage the Lavadrän packed bed offers good water retention and discharge delay, which delays the peak runoff and reduces in the amount. This supports water management.
With the dimensions of the waste water system and helps to avoid flood situations in streams and, possibly also to prevent these.

As Lavadrän is extremely pressure resistant, durable against acid and frost, and moreover exhibits optimum interlocking in the grain structure, this represents an ideal base for plate lining on roof spaces.
All Lavadrän products can be brought onto roof areas with little effort by personnel and time. Therefore Lavadrän is also the ideal replacement of conventional ways of working for the backfilling of inaccessible cavity structures.
Your advantages:

- Considerably cheaper in comparison to artificial elements 
- Saves time and money through silo transport 
- Structure stability / no later subsidence 
- An optimum eco-balance of the volcanic materials 
- Free of contaminants 
- Quality assurance through RAL 
- Cleaning of run-off water

Data sheet for downloading

Product description

- Loose materials to 100 % from light lava with constantly dispersing grading curve
- The grain is 
- crush-resistant 
- open-porous 
- structurally stabile 
- storage-stable 
- Permanently frost resistant according to DIN 52104 
- No loss through wind erosion 
- High water permeability 
- Medium water retention capability with large air volumes


- Drainage courses with or without slopes , also suitable for standing water 
- Compensating layer with roof unevenness 
- Raw material for floor improvement and substrate production 
- Urban tree restoration 
- washed as a hydroponics substrate

Planting features

 Requirements according to FLL
Grain size distribution
Ultra-fine parts
 < 3 mass %  ≤ 2 mass %
Volume weight compressed dry Condition
delivery condition EN 1097-3
at max. water capacity
  0.95-1.05 ton/m³
    1.15-1.3 ton/m³
Water- /air balance
maximum water capacity
water capacity mod. K*
12 -20Vol.%
0.1- 1 cm/s

≥ 0.3 cm/s
pH-value  7-8,0  6.0 – 8.0
Salt content    0.05-0.25 g/l  ≤ 2.5 g/l



 The natural product (volcanic rock mixture) consisting of Augite, Olivine, Limonite and Biotite

 Parts  Share*  Parts  Share*
   45.00%  Magnesium (MgO)  14.00%
 Silica (SiO2)  10.00%  Potash (K2O)  4.00 %
 Iron (Fe2O3)  12.00%  Phosphorous (P2O5)  1.00 %
 Aluminium (Al2O3)  13.00%    
Chalk (CaO)      
 * = Approximate details      

Parts Share* Parts Share*

Silica (SiO2) 45.00% Magnesium (MgO) 14.00%
Iron (Fe2O3) 10.00% Potash (K2O) 4.00 %
Aluminium (Al2O3) 12.00% Phosphorous (P2O5) 1.00 %
Chalk (CaO) 13.00%

* = Approximate details


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