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Trickle filter lava stone

Biological waste water purification using the trickle filter principle was already well established in communal and industrial applications nearly 100 years ago.

The basic concept is simple. The water to be purified passes over the rough-surfaced Eifel lava stone. There is a counter-current of air into the reactor i.e. extensive oxygenation is unnecessary. Aerobic metabolism then takes place in the reactor. Energy is only required to pump the waste water into the system.

This method also solves a further problem, as very little sewage sludge is produced: the benefits are thus obvious. We can supply the core of the system: trickle filter lava stone.


Lava stone is a tried and tested, natural filter medium that will meet all your requirements in regard of bulk porosity, particle porosity, size, specific surface area, bacterial tolerance and low compacted density.

Our trickle filter lava stone is subject to our in-house control quality testing.


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