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Vulkalit S

Product specification   Applications
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  • Pure mineral substrate, demixing-resistant
  • The basic components are natural pumice, light lava stone, basalt, loess and organic materials.
  • The mixture has an open-pore structure and a high total pore volume. It has a good nutrient buffering capacity and promotes germination and growth.
  • Long term high water permeability

Product uses  Das Bild

  • Planted/unplanted drainage basins
  • Well-drained grassed areas
  • Tree planting substrate
  • Plant-based water clarification systems


Vegetation-related properties
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  0-16 mm   0-4 mm
Particle size distribution
Water-extractable substances

ca. 7 Massen %

ca. 7 Massen %

Fine/moderate granule ca. 52 Massen %   ca. 51 Massen %
Volumetric weight (compacted)
With maximum moisture content

1,55 to/m³

ca. 1,51 to/m³
Water/air balance
Maximum water retention capacity
Water permeability (mod. K*)

ca. 34 Vol.%
ca. 0,007 m/s
ca. 30 Vol.%
ca. 0,003 m/s
pH 7,2   7,1
Content of carbons ca. 5,5 g/l   ca. 5,5 g/l
Content of salts  ca. 0,5 g/l   ca. 0,5 g/l 


Natural product (mixture of igneous minerals, such as lava, basalt, pumice, zeolite); contains augite, olivine, magnetite, limonite, biotite and various clays.

Chemical composition Content*   Chemical composition Content*
Silicic acid (SiO2) 45,00%   Magnesium (MgO) 10,50%
Iron (Fe2O3) 8,30%   Potash (K2O) 4,80%
Aluminium (Al2O3) 13,80%   Phosporus (P2O5) 1,20%
Lime (CaO) 9,10%   Manganese (MnO) 0,90%
Titanium (TiO2) 1,80%   Sodium (Na2O) 9,00%
* = approximate

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